The Resadh Group is an India based business builder and investor focused on ventures in the chemicals space. The group furthers expansion of its business through partnerships with international companies looking for growth opportunities in the Indian market. Resadh facilitates introduction of high performance products in the Indian market through strategic business partnership – licensing deals, joint ventures, tolling arrangements, master distribution agreements etc. The Resadh Group, through its operational and technical experience of operating a chemical manufacturing business for over 35 years, provides for a lower investment reduced risk entry for international companies looking to enter the Indian market.
Our companies

  • Founded in 1976, Satyen Polymers is today one of India’s leading suppliers of polyester resins to the composites industry.

  • Founded in 2012, the company is a JV between the Scott Bader Group and Satyen Polymers. The JV is focused towards manufacturing and supplying the Indian market with Scott Bader’s Crystic range of Gelcoats

  • • Founded in 2012, the company is a manufacturer of a variety of high end coating systems using a range of chemical technologies, including: pure polyureas, hybrid polyureas, and new technology polyaspartics.