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Aura Art associates with Satyen Polymers to promote Fiberglass in Art and Architecture
Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce its association with Satyen Polymers Pvt Ltd, to solve many of the issues faced in the process of commissioning sculptures, particularly in terms of understanding of Fiberglass as a medium, its properties, applications and quality improvement processes. Satyen Polymers, a leader in innovative polymers, has developed solutions for art and architecture industry, under the Creapol Division..

Satyen has a history of over 35 years and has created high performance products through in-house R&D. In the words of Satyen Vora, Director, Satyen Polymers "Creapol will offer a range of technically superior polymers for sculptors, architects and designers, specifically designed to meet their needs: superior weathering, UV stability, abrasion resistance, structural strength, fire retardency, product finish and batch to batch consistency". The Creapol range of products includes premium quality Polyester Resin, high performance GelCoats, Tooling Systems, GlassCast and WoodCoat Solutions. In addition, Creapol will also offer a range of Allied Products, including FIREShield, a new generation intumescent topcoat developed by Satyen for use in applications in art, architecture, transportation, rail and marine, to reduce the spread of flames and curtail smoke emission during a fire.

Aura Art and Satyen Polymers will be planning a series of initiatives to educate and assist artists, architects and other stakeholders on the appropriate use of fiberglass, so that the resulting artworks and architectural products are of superior quality and life. We believe this first-of-its-kind initiative will contribute significantly in growth of the Sculpture category in India and in developing architectural facades / finishes and other forms of functional art.

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