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Creapol – Art & Architecture Series
Creapol is a range of technically superior polymers for art and architecture. The systems are a set of products designed keeping in mind the varied needs of artists and architects: Superior weathering, UV stability, abrasion resistance, structural strength, fire retardency, product finish and batch to batch consistency.
FIREShield INT - Technical Superior Fire Protection

FIREShield INT is a new generation intumescent topcoat developed by Satyen for use in applications in building, transportation, rail and marine. When applied correctly, the topcoat can stop or reduce the spread of flame and curtail smoke emission during a fire. The intumescent topcoat swells up when in contact with fire and prevents the substrate from burning and the fire to spread. This gives additional time for evacuation of people, and also protection of assets in the vicinity of the fire.

TEVO INSTAPATCH UV – DIY Super Strong Repairing
TEVO INSTAPATCH UV is a UV/Sun lig ht activated repairing solution that uses high strength, lightweight composite material technology to give a easy to use but robust and long lasting repairing solution for a wide variety of products and applications
TEVO TUFFCOAT WP – High Performance Waterproofing
TEVO TUFFCOAT WP is a insitu, glass reinforced, hand applied composite roof waterproofing system that is tough, durable and superior to traditional systems. The system is applied manually with a quick return to service processing time. The system consists of a liquid hybrid resin component and a glass matt sheet component. When combined, laid and built correctly the resulting composite membrane produces a lightweight, watertight, maintenance free coating. The cured system is UV stable, flexible and has high abrasion resistance, allowing for long lasting waterproofing.