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Satyen Polymers announces launch of TEVO
September 1, 2012
Having pioneered and participated in the growth of the composite sector in India, Satyen Polymers is now diversifying into new product technologies that can demonstrate tremendous value to companies in India. One such venture is the setup of a high performance products company called TEVO Performance Coatings Pvt. Ltd.

TEVO ‘s initial product division is focused towards providing the Indian market with a range of technically superior high performance coating systems. TEVO manufactures a variety of high end coating systems: pure polyureas, hybrid polyureas, polyurethanes and new technology polyaspartics.

TEVO’s coating division combines 45 years of polymer formulating and manufacturing experience into a highly technically focused specialty coating business.

Our current product range includes the following:

Polyurea and Hybrid Polyurea Systems
Pure Polyurea for General Purpose: TEVO PP 50-10
Pure Polyurea for Industrial Flooring: TEVO PP 50-120
Pure Polyurea for Potable Water: TEVO PP 50-10PW
Pure Polyurea for Chemical Resistance: TEVO PP 60-10CR
Hybrid Polyurea for General Purpose: TEVO HP 45-10

Polyaspartic 15 minutes tack free: TEVO PA 15
Polyaspartic 60 minutes tack free: TEVO PA 60

Solvent Free Epoxy Primer: TEVO PRIME E100-SF
Solvent Free PU Primer: TEVO PRIME PU100-SF
A new website for TEVO will be launched soon. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about our products contact us at