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TEVO launches TEVO InstaSpray Cartridge Systems
November 1, 2013
TEVO announced the launch of its compact InstaSpray Cartridge system at its product showcase event in Navi Mumbai. The rationale for the release of this product was shared by TEVO’s Director Satyen Vora.

“Over the past year we have come across a number of situations and cases where use of Polyurea and Hybrid Polyurea systems has been limited by the size of job. Typically, plural component coating systems require large machinery and equipment to apply and this causes the cost of application on small jobs to go up significantly. Many customers have expressed their desire to work with a smaller more portable system to be able to cater to smaller requirements in waterproofing, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Applicators with larger machines have also expressed interest in a more usable system that would allow them to apply small trial jobs for their potential clients.

After taking various inputs in mind, our team has developed a smaller and more portable TEVO InstaSpray Cartridge system. We believe that this system will be of immense value to clients/applicators who want to spray smaller jobs with our new generation plural component coating systems. Our cartridge system will open up a huge sector in areas such as bathroom waterproofing, tempo bed lining, society water tank lining and hopper lining applications to name a few. This is our first step in providing a more cost effective solution to the Indian market.

TEVO is also investing in design and development of a cold spray plural component spray machine that will work with its range of cold spray Pure and Hybrid Polyurea systems. The machine under development has a much smaller footprint than a traditional hot spray system, is comparatively easier to work with and will be available at a much lower price point. We believe that equipment should be an enabler rather than hindrance in the growth of a market and our soon to be launched plural component machine will generate even greater interest in TEVO’s high performance coating systems”.

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