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TEVO announces launch of a range of Polyurea systems for waterproofing applications
Taking into consideration the large potential of the Indian market for quality waterproofing products at competitive pricing levels, TEVO has extended its polyurea range by including three new grades.

Explaining the move to introduce a specific polyurea range for waterproofing applications, Satyen Vora, Director of TEVO Performance Coatings, said:

“India has a huge requirement for quality waterproofing solutions. In the past few years Polyurea has gained significant traction in terms of awareness and knowledge from architects, consultants, builders, applicators, repair contractors etc. We have seen that the biggest concern amongst clients is the cost proposition of the system. Typically, the cost of implementing a polyurea systems works out well for very large projects. However, there is a huge segment of the market where potential customers are still finding the system to be more expensive than traditional systems.

Traditional TEVO grades are catered more towards industrial grade solutions – abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. To put it simply, they are an overkill for waterproofing applications. Taking into account the massive waterproofing market, TEVO has launched waterproofing specific polyurea grades. With the new grades we are giving the waterproofing market a product that is specifically meant for waterproofing. Even better, we have introduced a cold spray product that works well with cheaper cold spray equipment developed by TEVO. Of course, applicators who have invested in high pressure plural component systems can continue to use their equipment for all our new grades”.

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