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Aura Art associates with Satyen Polymers to promote Fiberglass in Art and Architecture
Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce its association with Satyen Polymers Pvt Ltd, to solve many of the issues faced in the process of commissioning sculptures, particularly in terms of understanding of Fiberglass as a medium, its properties, applications and quality improvement processes. Satyen Polymers, a leader in innovative polymers, has developed solutions for art and architecture industry, under the Creapol Division..
TEVO announces launch of a range of Polyurea systems for waterproofing applications
Taking into consideration the large potential of the Indian market for quality waterproofing products at competitive pricing levels, TEVO has extended its polyurea range by including three new grades.
TEVO launches TEVO InstaSpray Cartridge Systems
TEVO announced the launch of its compact InstaSpray Cartridge system at its product showcase event in Navi Mumbai. The rationale for the release of this product was shared by TEVO’s Director Satyen Vora.
Satyen Polymers launches TEVO, a high performance coatings company
Having pioneered and participated in the growth of the composite sector in India, Satyen Polymers is now diversifying into new product technologies that can demonstrate tremendous value to companies in India. One such venture is the setup of a high performance products company called TEVO Performance Coatings Pvt. Ltd.
Scott Bader Group and Satyen Polymers announce Joint Venture in India
Scott Bader Group and Satyen Polymers Pvt Limited announce the signing of agreements signaling the successful conclusion of negotiations between the two organisations to form a joint venture in India. Phase one of the joint venture will be to implement the sharing of technology and processes for manufacture of unsaturated polyester resin gelcoats that will be produced in India. A number of high-performance gelcoats have been identified as having potential to satisfy the needs of customers seeking quality finishes for their products and to cater to the strong development within the Indian Composites industry.
Jitendra J. Vora, CEO interviewed by FRP today
Satyen polymers - Preparing in multiple ways to meet promising opportunities.
Satyen polymers is a pioneer in Unsaturated Polyster Resin manufacturing in the Indian Market.