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Automotive - TDS Enquiry
espolTM 12.00   |  Ortho GP Plain
General Purpose Orthophthalic resin
espolTM 15.00   |  Ortho Electrical Casting
Quick Curing Unsaturated Polyester Resin having excellent water resistance
espolTM 19.00   |  Ortho Resin Transfer Molding
Unsaturated polyester resin, quick curing type for RTM purpose
espolTM 21.00   |  Ortho Car Putty
Car putty grade with good adhesion and rapid sandability
espolTM 22.00   |  Ortho Filler Paste Car Putty L.V.
Car Putty grade having low reactivity, low viscosity
espolTM 23.00   |  Ortho Superior Hand Lay Up Auto
Quick curing unsaturated polyester resin for special laminating purpose
espolTM 25.00   |  Ortho Car Putty (Special)
Specialty unsaturated polyester resin for automotive body patch compounds
espolTM 29.00   |  Ortho Superior GP Auto Grade
medium reactive UV Stabilized polyester resin for resistance to direct exposure to sunlight and help in retaining gloss.
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