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TEVO Performance Coatings Pvt. Ltd. is a coatings company setup by Satyen Polymers Pvt. Ltd. The Directors of TEVO bring more than 60 years of combined formulating and application experience to the group. Each Company Director brings a unique set of skills and experiences that when combined positions TEVO as a leader in the field of new technology coatings. In addition to developing and manufacturing a range of technically superior coating products TEVO offers its customers specification and technical advice. Products on their own do not make solutions and it is technically superior solutions that TEVO aims to offer its customers - solutions for chemical containment, abrasion, impact, flooring, and industrial waterproofing. TEVO manufactures a variety of high end coating systems using a range of chemical technologies, including: pure polyureas, hybrid polyureas, pure and modified polyurethanes, epoxies, vinyl esters and new technology polyaspartics.TEVO and its team are well supported by their parent companies in terms of R&D, new product development, manufacturing and technical support.

TEVO runs intensive trainings schools for its product applicators and supports it applicators with on-going specification and technical support services. TEVO`s broad range of products mean we can cater to the diverse requirements of our clients across a wide range of industries.

Major industries and application areas

Typical Industries
Power Oil and Gas Petrochemical
Waste and Wastewater Tanks and Pipes Transportation
Automotive Hotel Leisure Parks
Marine Pharmaceutical Defense/Security
Premium Residential Mining Municipality
Material Handling Infrastructure Showrooms and Malls

Product Usage
Corrosion Resistance Abrasion Resistance Impact Resistance
Liquid Containment Water Proofing Chemical Resistance
Noise Suppression Industrial Flooring Blast Mitigation

Wide range of products and services
TEVO is the formulator and the manufacturer and is therefore not bound to promote just one or two products. We have a wide range of products to provide a wide range of solutions. Better products, better range, better solutions.

Being the formulator we can offer custom formulations and modified formulations to suit individual customer requirements. Some of the modified grades that we offer include features such as longer gel times for flooring applications, higher chemical resistance for primary and secondary containment, superior physicals for blast mitigation, lower co-efficient of friction for lining of chutes and hoppers, and potable water compliance for the food and beverage industry.

Our product section gives a detailed list of all our basic grades. In case you have any technical or sales related query please feel free to contact us.